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Welcome to My Website. Dr. P V. Sesha Sai - founder of AANANDAASHRAMAM, a registered trust, who has been the spiritual guide and master for many people, has taken the responsibility of Yaaga Kartha of Ashwamedha Yaagam. A disciple of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Ganeshanada Bharthi Mahaswami, Dr. Sesha Sai an exponent on Vedanta and astrology, Sriyaaga Vidya Praveena, Srividya Deekshitulu, performed many yaagas, Dr P. V. Sesha Sai has traveled extensively to all the holy places in India and has regular interaction with saints and rishis of Himalayas . He has written many books on the secrets of our Vedic literature for peace and prosperity and distributed them free of cost.
Spiritual Deeksha
  1. Mantra Deeksha from His Holiness Jagatguru Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Mahaswami of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam 25 years ago
  2. Vedic knowledge from Sri Jwala Kappa Gantu Subramanyam Yajwa Chayanlugam of Sayapuram, Krishna District, AP, India .
  3. Sri Vidya Poorna Deeksha (Padankuta) from His Holiness Jagatguru Sri Sri Sri Ganeshsanada Bharati Mahaswami 20 years ago.
  4. Divya Astra Sadana from Sri Sri Sri Nikhileshwaramurtha Mahaswami of Himalayas .
Bio-data of
Vedanta Visarada, Adhyatmika Ratna,
Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena DR P. VENKATA SESHASAI
M.Com., CAIIB., B.L., AMIMA., Dip UNIU.,
(Former Chief Officer : Syndicate Bank)
Chief : SAINTS -School for Scientific Analysis on Indian Traditional Systems
Founder : AANANDAASHRAMAM 1-9-52/F/3, MCH NO 2859, Road No. 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD, India 500020 E Mails : shodasisai@rediffmail.com, shodasisai@yahoo.com, shodasisai@hotmail.com,
Phones : 91-40- 27541613, 65581368
Cell : 94404 22613

Date  of  birth : 25th  October 1947
Marital Status : Married, 2 daughters and a son Both the daughters are married
                               and settled in USA Son is MS in USA

Worked  as : Chief Officer and retired on 28.5.2001
Official address : Syndicate Bank, Zonal Office 6-3-653, Pioneer House, Somajiguda Hyderabad 500 082
Educational Qualifications :
  • Bachelor of Commerce from A.U
  • Master of Commerce from N.U
  • Bachelor of Law from N.U
  • Certificated Associate of IIB
  • Diploma Holder in United Nations International
  • Understanding with specialization in World Bank (1970)
  • Associate Member of All India Management Association
  • Vedanta Visarada from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Other Credits:
  1. Drafted “Universally Acceptable Paper Currency” and submitted to University of Economic Sciences , Berlin which was accepted & continuously invited to participate in International Economic Seminars at Beriln.
  2. Selected by HRH Duke of Edinburgh to participate in sixth Commonwealth Study Conference in Australia , during 1986.
  3. Selected by Lions Club International for participation in Study Tour in Europe.
  4. Name was registered with Government of India-Dept. of Personnel & Training during 1988 as INDIAN BANKING EXPERT.
  5. Presently as Co-Examiner with IIB.
National Interest :
  1. Drafted Keynote on curbing black money and submitted to Central Board of Direct Taxes WHICH WAS ACCEPTED.
  2. Designed Simple Tax Formats for IT/Acknowledged by CBDT.
  3. Contributed more than 200 articles in leading news paper covering different topics-acknowledged by Vice-Chairman Planning Commission for 8 th Plan. This is besides suggesting economic reforms in the country.
College Days :
  1. Elected as Secretary for Planning Forum and Social Service League in Andhra Loyola College
  2. Participated in Earl Robert Shooting and won Trophy for the College and Participated in Number of NCC camps
  3. Member of dramatic association of College and participated in competitions
  4. Distributed Cloths and food for cyclone victims-1965,1966
Others :
  1. Distributed medicines for the pilgrims in recent Krishna pushkaram Performed innumerable and countless Yagnaas on Scientific cum Vedic order of life in the country at different places for the benefit of countrymen
Proposals :
  1. Desire to set up a home for the old
  2. Plans to help poor students
Exposure :
Worked as Asst. Manager, Sub. Manager, Manager of Small, Medium and Large Branches; as Manager of Currency Chest Operations, as Faculty Member; as Lead District Officer; as Group Head for Credit proposals-processing and post sanction follow-up; as Group Head for Planning Operations and Budget Exercise; as Group Head for Personnel matters; as Group Head for premises Matters etc. while in the service of SYNDICATE BANK
Papers/Magazines :
  1. Printed, Published ROTAGUN AT GUNTAKAL
  2. Publishing SURYAKSHETRA - magazine for all round development of selected friends and like – minded persons at free of cost.
Major work :
Computer Awareness :
Learned basic Operations in 1995.from EXCEL and enjoy a good base. Updating the skills as per the need of the day
Book publication :
Published number of books on Philosophy, and RELIGIOUS MATTERS
Principle :
To make available all literature published to the society FREE OF COST.
Believes in :
  1. Time Discipline
  2. Financial Discipline
Dr. Venkata Sesha Sai
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